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Sat, Apr. 4th, 2009, 01:25 pm
T-minus no idea - getting ready for Baby...

We are running around like mad to get the place ready for our new addition. Let's see what we can get done this weekend:

Baby's Room:
Run to store-that-shall-not-be-named, buy:
-Diaper genie thing
-Long sleeve body suits
-Changing table pad
-Side snap tees
-Toy hammock
-Sleep positioner
-White noise thingy
In other locations, buy:
-Small trash for cloth wipes
-Wicker trash can
Pack diaper bag for baby at the hospital
Make up the crib (pending on mattress)

Guest room:
Remove remaining baby items
Make bed

Parent room:
Wash regular laundry x 1
Wash regular laundry x 2
Dry regular laundry x 1
Dry regular laundry x 2
Put away regular laundry x 1
Put away regular laundry x 2
Do baby load, with:
-my nightgowns
-some blankets

Finish repacking larp bag as hospital bag
-Who knows what I'll pack? AHHHHH!!!

Leftover dishes - the good husband did the rest - Yay!
Spray down surfaces
Run dishwasher

Get rid of 'extra' stuff I've been hoarding

Living room:
Vacuum (I'm seeing a pattern...)
Straighten up coffee table
Cat-sponge down loveseat
Cat-sponge down papasan
Move baby-bags upstairs to baby's room

Front porch:
Cut down the cardboard to manageable chunks

Upstairs bath:
Straight-up wipe-down of everything

Downstairs bath:
The good husband is moping as I type! Awesome!

That is a good enough list to be starting with, right? Then I'll start hopping to it!

Sun, Jan. 18th, 2009, 12:06 pm
Oh, wait, I have Livejournal?

So I've been off cheating on Livejournal by posting only in Facebook. The horror! Well, I think it is better suited to me, as I'm more of a 'random comment' type person than a 'write an essay' type person. But I still love reading LJ! And it is good when I feel I have a bunch to say. Like today! Good thing my poor husband isn't home, I'd talk his ear off...

Last time I posted, way back before I had a brother in law, we had discovered we were pregnant! Yay! But as my sister was getting married, we were very careful to NOT ruin her big day by refocusing on us. We only told my closest two married friends, who had recently become parents themselves. And we managed to keep our mouths shut until after I had my first ultrasound the week after sis's wedding. (The ultrasound was to determine the due date - waaaay to early to get the sex!)

Since my hubby's mom lives to far for us to see her in person, we called her with the news first. (I may have been out of it enough to say, "I'm a little bit pregnant!" to which she had no qualms about correcting me with, "You can't BE a LITTLE bit pregnant!") We took the ultrasound picture, which looked like a speck marked 'fetus', and presented it to my parents, which was so much FUN! I'll always remember that my dad had the Decemberist's song "The Mariners Revenge" playing in the background, as my mom tilted the picture into the light. Dad didn't even have to see it - he right away, with eyebrows raised, asked, "That is an ultrasound picture, isn't it?" Much joy and hugs abounded.

After that it was a whirl of telling people, including my sister and new brother-in-law. My parents, my sister and BIL, my hubby and I went out to dinner, and we brought the conversation around to my sister's students having trouble remembering to call her "Mrs. B" instead of "Ms. C" next year. I suggested that they call her "Aunty", which caused her to look at me, look at my glass of ginger ale, look at everyone else's glass of wine, then she said, "Is that why you aren't having wine? Are you pregnant?!?!" And my new BIL looked pole-axed - he went from 'boyfriend' to 'fiance' to 'husband', now he was 'uncle'!

Since then, everything has been on the up-and-up. I'm due on April 14, so I'm projecting that I will teach until April 9th. We've picked our daughter's name, but (despite having ALL my students and coworkers bugging me) we aren't telling until we tell HER. We call her by her name at home, but in public we call her 'Tuttle', after the imaginary officer in an episode of M.A.S.H. that donated all 'his' income to the needy. My father has decided her name is Furlong Gosling, and keeps teasing us that we can't be trusted if we intend to name the child something as odd as Furlong. My dad is... strange. Good thing I take after him!

We are working on the basement to give my husband a new workroom, while the baby will have his old workroom next to ours. The house is in the best shape it has been in since we moved - and stayed that way for months. I'm enjoying being pregnant (y'know, now that the nausea is gone) even if I can't sleep at all lately. Snow is falling gently outside, and I'm feeling the need to 'nest' a bit today.

So let's give myself a checklist, shall we? This ALWAYS helps me get things done, if just for the joy of editing to cross items off:

Vacuum floors
White load of laundry
Dishes from breakfast (And figure out why the darn waffle iron ate our waffles!)
Put away old laundry
Put away white load
Pack away more 'no-way-can-I-fit-into-this' clothes
Do some scrub work in the upstairs bathroom: sink, bath, floor, toilet Durn it, I got water all over the floor. I'll have to wait to sweep and put everything back...

Longer Term:
Reorganize jewelry box mess!
Go through 'teaching' files of papers
Pack away 'nice' clothes that will not fit or be needed for years from attic hall closet to attic proper
Move LARP clothes from back bedroom to attic hall closet

Organize LARP 'stuff' somehow into same closet

That looks like enough to be going on with. Wish me luck, and that Phantom cat will LET me get up to do this work. C'mon, kitty, I have stuff to do today! I can not be your personal heater at all hours!

Sat, Aug. 16th, 2008, 09:14 am
Somebody's Getting Married!

So excited - my sister is getting hitched today to a wonderful, wonderful man!

(And also, incidentally, this is also the last day I can't tell anyone the thing I haven't told anyone - except, oh, four people. But I won't have to be biting my tongue all the time anymore!)

Thu, Aug. 14th, 2008, 12:36 pm
2:30 am adventures!

I am a deep sleeper, but I still woke last night when I heard the good husband yelling at the cats for fighting. I then heard the growling, a low, cranky whine one of the cats was giving off in the corner of the bedroom. Since I was closest, I wearily turned on my light to see which cat was trying to kill the other. To my surprise I found that Freddie was growling with Phantom a few feet away - no reason for growling, then.

Until I saw it.

Freddie clearly had *something*. My first (tired) thought was that he had eaten some scrap fabric and was ill because of it. Second thought was he had a fuzzy mouse toy. At this point, glasses were called for. Third thought was that the mouse toys don't have wings. And that this thing had one wing and, um, half of another, um, wing - ew! Fourth thought - IS THAT BLOOD ON MY CARPET?!?!?!

So I yelped to my guy that they aren't fighting and that he has something and to get over here, now! Unbelievably, Freddie had caught a bat. This is not a mighty hunter. This cat has depth perception problems. He walks off of tables then whacks them for ending early. But here he was, defending his catch from his fellow hunter. He didn't defend the catch from me very well, though. I just opened Freddie's jaw (old pilling tricks work with bats!), pulled him back and, while prodding Phantom with my feet, carried him into the back bedroom. Where much bad language was shared between my boys. The good husband, mean-while, got to clean bat-guts out of our carpet. Fun!

This has not been the first bat adventure in our house, but at least we got the bat out safely last time. I remember being dead to the world after having just gotten back from larping, and waking to the sound of cats jumping off the back bedroom bed repeatedly trying to catch something midair. I think that was the time the hubby and I came up with an unspoken agreement - if the animal is alive, I'm in charge and will get it out. If it is dead, he is in charge and will get it out. So I closed the door (with the cute little bat dive-bombing me occasionally as it tried to find the exit), opened the top half of the windows and tried to 'shoo' it out with a towel and a waster. (Which was way, way, way too funny to me at the time). When it rested in a corner, I finally got a large tupperware and trapped it like a cup and a bug, then tossed him out into the night.

Too bad last nights bat didn't get that far. But why on god's green earth did it climb under the door to the attic? Because that is where the cats have been stationed, waiting for another victim...

Tue, Aug. 5th, 2008, 08:41 pm
Well, that was unexpected!

Suddenly I have the urge to clean everything I know, move all the furniture, pour the basement foundation, and organize my spice rack. At the same time.

I'll settle for doing dishes for now, but I fear that will lead to sweeping, which will lead to vacuuming, and who knows where that could lead?

Tue, Jul. 22nd, 2008, 04:28 pm
It's a dirty job...

I am not what one would characterize as a 'hard worker.' I can fool a lot of people into thinking that I am simply by the fact that I'm usually working on something, but that is mostly just advanced fidgeting skills. But this summer I have a huge project: Project Basement.

Simply put, Project Basement is me turning our unfinished basement into a workable workshop for my husband. (If you are wondering why I'm doing it instead of him, I'm a teacher with the summers off and he's a retail guy with a home puppet business. I have waaaaaay more free time than him right now.) But before I can try to teach myself framing and drywalling (I'm good at teaching myself stuff, don't worry) I need a floor. As in, not just dirt. Fortunately, most of the basement is cement. But years ago a previous owner added an addition, foundation and all, but didn't make a real floor. It is a big pile'o'dirt.

Easy, right? Just mix some concrete and make a floor. Well, um, we kinda dug a big hole in the basement and stole some dirt for a project outside. We were too poor to buy gardening fill for a while there last year. Pretty silly move, in hindsight!

But today (after being THWARTED yesterday) I borrowed a truck and bought half a cubic yard of unsifted fill from a local gardening store. It filled almost the entire bay of the small truck! I'm pretty sure they gave me way, WAY more than half a yard.

And then began the long, slow, arduous process of getting the dirt to the basement. I'm sure I've mentioned that I am lazy before, so this was good for me. Very character building and whatnot. (But we just bought a ps3 and my husband's been hogging it! I wanna play!) I just finished sweeping out the back, but all the dirt is in the basement. (Except for the small mountain on the driveway from said sweeping. Whoops!) My hands hurt from the buckets I was carrying the dirt in, I'm filthy, my clothes are filthy, my shoes are filthy, (most likely the chair I'm sitting in is filthy...).

I feel very accomplished right now. I've succeeded in starting Project Basement, and this is the first step in a rather disproportionately large plan that the good husband and I are working on. Yay for success! (And for changing, dropping off the truck, then going out to dinner with my father. Yay for that.)

Thu, Jul. 17th, 2008, 08:23 pm
Woe, Oh Biking Woes

My father was nice enough to refit my mother's bicycle for me. (She hasn't ridden in, oh, forever.) He even showed me the local rail trail on Tuesday, which was awesome. We rode a gentle 8 miles round trip. I was fine with it until the last half mile - all uphill. What possessed me to buy a house that has steep hills surrounding it?

Skip to today. I was all proud of myself for getting the bike out and hitting the trail on my own. Everything was going peachy until I was a little over a mile away from home. Something sounded strange with my back wheel... Oh! Flat! That's not good...

Now it doesn't seem like the worst fate to walk a bike back home for a mile. Remember the hills I mentioned? Well, it turns out that it is exhausting to push a bike uphill for a mile in 90 degree heat. Especially as I normally wear heals, so I'm used to pointing my toe, not flexing. Urgh!

But I made it home, and as soon as I get cleaned up I'm going to karaoke with my sister. Perhaps I can sing one of my Renn Faire drinking songs...

Thu, Jun. 12th, 2008, 12:27 pm
Things I learned as Felisia Gylensdotter

Things I learned as Felisia Gylensdotter:

- Children will pledge to a throne specifically to be painted with blue acrylic runes.

- Said children will happily borrow your staff to beat down bad guys with. Again. And again. And again.

- Singing songs that are depressing can quiet a tavern.

- Messing up long cumulative songs will get a round of applause.

- Singing on the second day of a faire is much, much harder than singing on the first day.

- Carrying around a tankard of water makes one popular.

- People sympathize with someone who has spilled their 'ale'.

- Templars are hot.

- Cat guys can dance! (And are hot.)

- Skits that are not supposed to end in a duel may end in fighting anyway if the crowd so wishes.

- Not having to change to be a crunchy script mid-day leaves one with lots of time for causing trouble.

- Wearing a gallon of sunscreen will (mostly) prevent 'berserker tan', the sad state where runic tattoos are left in reverse on the arm.

- Summer throne members are sneaky and conniving, and will con small children.

- Other members of Winter are happy, even at the end of the second day, to try some impromptu 'pirate' style dueling.

End result : Felisia was tons of fun, and I look forward to having one more weekend as her. But I don't think I have the energy to be that eager to fight all the time! It was interesting playing against my normal 'type', but it made it very hard to revert back to myself on Monday. I noticed I was still heckling, even when teaching 6th grade. Whoops! Fortunately, they didn't seem to mind.

And just to confuse the school, I decided to wear my braids today. My general response to questions has simply been that I had it cut longer. (My hairdresser, evidently, is excellent!) Sad thing is, I think some of them believe me. Good luck with that, kids!

Mon, Jun. 9th, 2008, 05:27 pm
Someone turn down the sun, please?

Today it was too. damn. hot. School was actually closed early because of the heat. I assure you that no learning was lost, as the kids were not learning anything anyways. At first the teachers were told they would have to stay the entire day after the kids left, but I'm not sure if they went through with that. The school nurse saw me sitting in the air-conditioned office (after my last class, I hasten to add) holding an ice-pack to the back of my neck and sent me home. Or rather, to my parent's house around the corner for air-conditioning. I curled up there for a good three hours before I felt human again.

Why didn't the weekend heat effect me, running around fighting and in a dress? I stayed hydrated the entire weekend, and didn't stop just because I came home... Ah, well.

Perhaps tonight or tomorrow I'll get a chance to write a bit about the faire. For it was awesome and needs to be recorded, lest my faulty memory do its forgetting thing. Now I need to head to my carpool for Harmonious Soul practice.

Wed, Jun. 4th, 2008, 07:26 pm
I made this!!!

I honestly can't believe that I wove this much. Yeah, there are mistakes. Yeah, you can see the white thread from the front. But who cares? This is awesome!!!

Now I just have to go back to my list and finish the 100 other things...

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